Budgeting and agile product development

How to get a financial grip

Accounting for Agile projects Course

Agile methods and frameworks continue to take the project management world by storm and are also getting increasingly popular in the enterprise landscape. Unfortunately, fine-tuning budgeting and resource allocation to agile approaches remains a serious problem for many organisations. It often proves difficult to square current methods of financial control with the basic principles of agile product development. In this one day online course, we will show you how to adopt a budgeting approach that aligns important financial control goals with agile working principles.

How to get a financial grip in an agile environment
There are ways to overcome the aforementioned problems and successfully align smart budgeting methods with agile workflows. We will share methods and best practices that will definitely benefit organisations that want to get a better financial grip on their agile projects. Includes training materials.

Who should attend
This course intended for project controllers, PMO, C- level, program managers who want to learn more about Agile project control.

Training location
Virtual Classroom courses are conducted with a live instructor via a Webinar.

Squrro Training Facility: If you have 10 or more employees seeking the training, we will deliver the course at our training facility. The training can be scheduled during any two consecutive days of your choosing.

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