Are you struggling to gain financial control on projects?

Improve predictability and control NOW!

Squrro is your one-stop solution to gain clear visibility into financial, human and equipment-resources

Financial control

A single hub for all projects that integrate core data (estimates, actuals, forecast, budgets, changes, and risks)

Data management

Efficient data management and well-timed analysis for reliable decision making.


Company-wide clarity into all project- data to promote transparency needed to drive proactive behaviours.

Overbudget and behind schedule?

Most projects and mega projects face excessive overruns, both in budgeting and scheduling.
Here are a few reasons:

Optimism bias, poor initial estimates, and inaccurate forecasting
Lack of effective communication and collaboration across teams
Low transparency that limits accountability and fosters unproductive behaviours

With more than 15 years of experience in project control, we have created a universal blueprint in one management system that makes the lives of project managers and project controllers easier. Squrro eliminates a pitfall that troubles many projects: the gap between strategic planning and finances.

No more unpleasant surprises!

Squrro makes it possible to schedule finances and people effectively on a monthly basis. The availability of a real-time portfolio dashboard, a thorough CAPEX/OPEX report, and a real-time rolling forecast platform makes it a highly data-driven platform that gives you valid and clear-cut answers. In addition, Squrro allows you to zoom in and out on individual projects and their key elements.

With Squrro, hidden costs and unpleasant surprises are a thing of the past. Project finances become reliable, simply because the decision-making process is based on actual and reliable insights.

Monitoring the right mix of KPIs


Organisations that make accurate predictions early in a project outperform organisations that make the same accurate predictions later.

Squrro facilitates budget and schedule overruns promptly so that organisations have more bandwidth and time to adjust their course and reallocate resources as needed.


Squrro provides teams with the data transparency and communication capabilities needed to reduce miscommunication and rework, which can have a huge impact on project costs.

Financial impact

Squrro helps reduce project costs by more than 10% by forecasting more accurately; identifying, controlling and mitigating risk effectively; and addressing potential problems proactively and early.

Financial Project Control

We want to show you how Squrro can help you:

Gain financial control by measuring progress constantly from a central hub.

Make decisions quickly by using real-time and reliable data.

Bridge the gap and drive between project planning and finances.

Drive proactive behaviours by getting company-wide clarity into all project data.

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